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She Pushed Me ...

When the New Year came in, I was given the instructions to write my books. I said Lord, and I don’t have the money to do that. He said, trust me. So after returning to my home in Colorado Springs on January 7th, 2020. I didn’t move in immediately; I needed direction. On January 9th, 2020. After finally leaving my house on the drive, the Lord said to remember the number I told you to save. The picture off Facebook you captured with the lady. I found the picture called the number, which on my first attempt, no one answer. So I thought I had the number wrong. Well, the number rang back as I was checking it. It was the Owner of Fountain of Life Publisher's House, Parice Parker. From the time she said hello, and I introduced myself, she blessed my heart. She took me under her wings. Gave me directions and guidance and homework. I listened, and today because of her excellence in teaching with her faith and courage to be real. She taught me how to apply what I am today. I have now become a Beat Seller Author. I say Best Seller because I have that much faith to believe. After all, she invested her time and talent to not only encourage me but push me. I will be an incredible author. I cannot thank God enough for all He has done for my life through His vessel Parice Parker. Not only is she good at what she does. She's amazing all around. I am grateful I strolled down that page on Facebook and saw her ad for I Was Born to Write boot camp. Now, I am a published Author of Twisted but #ImStraight.  

Mary K. H.

She Saw an Author In Me.

I'm Author Ernest West, and my book is called "Secret's." I would love to share my testimony of how Apostle Parice C Parker has been instrumental in where I am today, as an Author. Some years ago, when I had no support from my peers, Parice Parker came along and saw something within, and I found favor in her eyes. She published my first book Secret's. Thank you again, WOG, for your patience and kindness. Bless you,

Prophet Ernest West

Ernest West